877-311-5134: The Scam that Got Me

Introduction: How the Scam Got Me

It was early morning when I got the call. I had just gotten out of the shower and was getting dressed for work. The caller ID said it was my bank, so I assumed it was about my credit card account. But the voice on the other end wasn’t that of a customer service representative. It sounded more like a recording.

The message said there had been suspicious activity on my credit card and that my account had been frozen. I was instructed to call a number to speak with a fraud specialist.

I called the number and spoke with a woman who identified herself as a fraud specialist. She said there had been several charges made to my account in China and asked if I had recently been there. I told her I hadn’t been to China in years.

She then asked if I had made any online purchases from Chinese websites. Again, I told her no. She asked if I had given my credit card information to anyone who could have used it to make those purchases. At this point, I started to get suspicious.

I asked her how she got my phone number and she said it was from my credit card company. I told her I didn’t believe her and asked for a supervisor. She put me on hold for several minutes before coming back on the line and saying she was a supervisor.

She then proceeded to ask me the same questions about whether or not I had been to China or made any online

What is the 877-311-5134 Scam?

The 877-311-5134 scam is a phone scam that targets people who are trying to sell their car. The scammer will contact the person who is trying to sell their car and say that they are interested in buying the car. The scammer will then say that they will send a tow truck to pick up the car and pay the person in cash. The scammer will then give the person a fake check for the car and when the tow truck arrives, they will take the car and never pay the person for it. This scam has been reported by many people and it is a very common scam. If you are ever contacted by someone who says they are interested in buying your car, be sure to ask for their contact information so you can verify that they are legitimate. You should also never agree to have your car picked up by a tow truck without first verifying that the check is real and that you will be paid for your car.

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