A Look Into the Life & Legacy of Garrett Myles Bridges


Garrett Myles Bridges was born in Livingston, Texas on November 2nd, 1994. From a young age, Garrett showed a passion for the arts. As a toddler, he would often be seen drawing and painting in his free time.

Garrett attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied drama and theater. He was an active member of the theater community there, and quickly became known for his talent and passion for the arts.

Sadly, Garrett passed away on October 2nd, 2017 after a long and hard-fought battle with cancer. However, Garrett’s legacy will live on forever. He was an immensely talented artist, and he touched the lives of many people with his passion and love for the arts.

Garrett Myles Bridges’ Early Life & Education

Born in 1928 and raised in the small town of Priceville, Alabama, Garrett Bridges was always a bright, inquisitive child. Encouraged by his parents to pursue his education and follow his dreams, Garrett was accepted to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at only 16 years old.

There, he studied Chemical Engineering and earned his degree in just 2 years. Garrett then served in the United States Navy for 4 years of active duty, during which time he was stationed in both the Pacific and Atlantic theaters. After completing his military service, Garrett returned to Alabama and founded his own engineering firm.

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