Apple iPhone 15 to Feature 15W Wireless Input Support Using Qi2 Third-Party Chargers

iPhone 15 lineup by Apple awaits launch, likely due in September this year. The next-gen flagships by the company are ensuing numerous leaks and reports before their debut, and amid the touted details, we’ve discovered the Apple iPhone 15’s wireless charging stats. Here’s a brief overview of the latest development.

In an unexpected twist, the tech publication, ChargerLab has recently uncovered enticing details about the standard iPhone 15. According to their report, the upcoming iPhone iteration ushers a remarkable advancement in wireless charging when used with non-MagSafe third-party chargers.

The revelation is especially significant considering the iPhone 14 series is confined to a modest 7.5W charging speed when utilizing open wireless charging standards. Until now, only Apple-labeled accessories such as the MagSafe could deliver the full 15W wireless charging potential to compatible devices. However, with the advent of the iPhone 15, the tides are set to change.

The report suggests that the forthcoming Apple new iPhone model will embrace the “Qi2 open standard,” unlocking the ability to charge the device at an impressive 15W speed. It should also be realized that Qi2 is already compatible with all iPhones, albeit Apple has yet to announce the upgraded charging speed.

Insiders privy to the matter have confided in ChargerLab, disclosing that the prior limitation on wireless charging speeds stemmed from the restriction imposed on non-MFi-certified products. For those unaware, MFi is an Apple certification that mandates manufacturers to obtain a license to produce accessories for Apple devices.

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