Infinix Note 30 Lineup to Harness All-Round Fast Charging Tech 260W & 110W


All-round Fast Charging tech, whopping 260W wired and 110W wireless charging, was introduced by Infinix not long ago. During the official testing and advertising phase, industry insiders speculated that the company’s upcoming Note series might harness the technology. Today’s development serves to reinforce and build upon the earlier reports. The forthcoming Note Infinix 30 VIP will feature groundbreaking fast charging, with 260W wired and 110W wireless capabilities.

Infinix Note 30 series will soon emerge, probably later this month. And sources close to the matter believe All-round Fast Charge tech will Subsist in one of the upcoming phones. To point out the obvious, not all Note 30 phones will bear the full extent of All-round speeds.

The Infinix Note 30 devices, classified as mid-range smartphones, are not expected to endure the full force of the All-Round fast charging technology. However, they are likely to introduce fast wireless charging gear under the shell; all while maintaining a price under 300 USD, hearsay suggests.

Wireless charging at such an affordable price marks an unprecedented feat, out of the expectation in the industry. Apart from the obvious highlights, there’s more to All-Round tech than meets the eye. Its focus is not limited to fast charging; the Infinix Note’s latest mobile incorporates premium features such as bypass charging.

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