Murim RPG Simulation Wiki (2023)


You are a young and upcoming martial artist who has just entered the world of Murim. In this vast and dangerous land, you must use your martial arts skills to survive and make a name for yourself.

The Murim RPG Simulation Wiki is a comprehensive online resource for all things related to the popular RPG game. Here, you can find detailed information on all the different character classes, weapons, and armor. You can also learn about the different factions and alliances that exist in the world of Murim, and discover some of the secrets that lie hidden in this dark and dangerous land.

Overview of Murim RPG Simulation Wiki

Welcome to the Murim RPG Simulation Wiki! This is a wiki that anyone can edit and is dedicated to the Action Fantasy Manhwa Murim RPG Simulation.

This wiki is based on the original work by Hyung Geun Cho, with art by Kwang Hwi. The manhwa is published by Seoul Maeil Comics. The story is about a young man named Sung-Hyun who finds himself transported to a new world, called Murim.

In Murim, Sung-Hyun discovers that he has the power to change the world. He and his friends decide to use this power to make Murim a better place. Please help us by adding information about the manhwa, and by editing articles that need improvement.

creating Your Own Characters and Monsters

When you first enter the world of Murim RPG Simulation, you’ll be able to create your own character. You’ll choose your character’s gender, appearance, and starting class.

Your class will determine your character’s basic abilities and stats. But don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of opportunities to customize them as you progress through the game. As you defeat monsters and complete quests, you’ll unlock new skills and abilities for your character.

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