Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will Add 2X Portrait Mode in the Next Firmware Update

The company’s crowned production, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, expects a 2X portrait mode feature for its camera. The company has locked its sights on elevating the photography experience with an upcoming update to Ultra. Firstly, let’s establish the basics; the phone currently holds 1X and 3X portrait modes.

3x portrait uses a dedicated telephoto shooter, while 1X portrait snaps directly from Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s primary 200MP camera. According to IceUniverse, the company intends to fill the gap between the two modes by introducing a 2X option for bokeh shots.

The renowned tipster, IceCat, noticed these details on the testing version of the firmware running on S23 Ultra. According to him, the phone uses an ingenious cropping method to implement a 2X portrait. The mode will extract a 50 MP segment from the 200MP camera, subsequently downscaled to 12 MP.

By offering the intermediate focal length, roughly equivalent to 50mm, the device will gain access to a more versatile range of portrait photography options. Discover the possibilities with the comprehensive Samsung price list, offering an extensive selection of smartphones to suit every budget and preference.

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