VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper Review: Unveiling the Ultimate DVD Ripper

If you have searched for a user-friendly DVD-ripping tool, you may find that VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is popular and stands out among other competitors. If you want to know whether VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper can meet your needs, you’ve come to the right place. This is a review of VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper. We’ll explore it in terms of features, ripping steps, support systems, pricing plans, and more. I believe that after reading this article, you will have a clear understanding of this software. Now, let’s get started.

Overview of VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper

As one of the best DVD rippers, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is a great choice for anyone who wants an easy way to rip DVD/Blu-ray discs. It can not only rip DVD discs to ISO files or folders but also able to convert physical DVDs and Blu-ray discs into digital formats for playback on smartphones, tablets, and computers. This software can rip homemade or commercial discs at a 1:1 ratio without losing quality. With it, there is no need to be frustrated about the region codes and DVD protections. Plus, with 300+ video/audio formats supported, you can convert Blu-ray and DVD to MP4, MKV, MOV, and others, as well as extract the disc audio to MP3, AAC, M4A, etc. Therefore, you can enjoy any DVD video streaming in flexible ways.

Main features & Advantages

Let’s take a look at some of the features that make VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper stand out from the competition.

#Remove DVD protections and encryption

With VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper, protections like APS, CSS, ARccOS, CPRM, AACS, BD+, and Cinavia can all be easily unlocked. Better still, VideoByte will keep developing its decoding and decrypting technology to deal with the latest protections.

#Rip all kinds of DVD/Blu-ray discs

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper can rip both homemade and commercial DVD/Blu-ray discs. You can choose to tip them to DVD folders, ISO files, or digital video/audio formats.

#Multiple output formats and high device compatibility

Running smoothly on both Windows and Mac, VideoByte is capable of ripping Blu-ray and DVD to an extensive range of video and audio formats such as MP4, MKV, MOV and MP3, AAC, and M4A, accommodating playback on diverse devices, such as Apple (iPhone/iPad/Apple TV), Android (Samsung/Sony/Huawei), smartphones, tablets or PS3/PS4 game consoles.

#Keep original content quality with lossless output

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper supports the ripping of Blu-ray and DVD at a 1:1 ratio in lossless quality output. After ripping, you can enjoy movies of the same quality as the original BD/DVD. Plus, you can also add multiple subtitles and audio tracks to the video and output them.

#6X faster conversion speed and batch conversion

VideoByte employs advanced algorithms to improve the conversion speed in various aspects, including multi-threading, multi-core, and GPU acceleration, harnessing the full potential of your hardware to ensure swift and efficient conversions.

How to Rip DVD content with VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper

As VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is a powerful software designed to cater to the needs of both novice users and media enthusiasts, it comes with an extremely user-friendly UI and pretty easy ripping steps, requiring a minimal learning curve. Now, let’s take ripping DVD as an example and see how to get protected DVD discs digitalized in simple steps.

Step 1. Download and install VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper. Before ripping, insert the DVD disc into your computer and connect the drive to the computer. Then, click on the “Load DVD Disc” button and select the drive that includes the DVD disc.

Note: If you want to load the DVD folder, you can directly drag the folder to the main interface or click the drop-down menu of “Load DVD” and choose “Load DVD Folder” or “Load DVD ISO”.

Step 2. Then the program will automatically detect the contents for you. Choose the movie you want to rip by ticking the box.

Step 3. Then click the arrow next to the “Rip All to” and select “MP4” or other options as the output format.

Step 4. Go to the “Save to” section, and choose a folder to save the ripped DVD movies. Now, you can click “Rip All” and start ripping your DVD movie to MP4.

System hardware requirements

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is compatible with Windows and macOS systems, ensuring accessibility to a broad user base.

Windows: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (SP2 or later)

Mac: Mac OS X 10.7 or above

CPU: 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU or above

RAM: 1G RAM or more

Price of VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper

VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper offers  a 30-day limited free trial version to allow users to evaluate features. If you’re new to this program, we recommend you try it before purchasing. Here are some limitations you’ll face during the free trial:

  • You can only convert 5 minutes of each DVD disc or Blu-ray disc.
  • To rip DVD discs to the folder, you can only rip 5 discs within 30 days.
  • To rip DVD discs to ISO files, you can only rip 5 discs within 30 days.
  • You can use the “Media Metadata Editor”, “Video Compressor”, and “GIF Maker” for 5 files respectively.

If you’re satisfied with VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper, you can purchase a license below to unlock more features:

1 Month Subscription: $ 34.95

Single License: $ 69.95


VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper impressively meets the demands of anyone who wants to rip Blu-ray/DVD with high quality, fast speed, extensive output formats, and a user-friendly interface. In a market inundated with mediocre media converters, VideoByte emerges as a powerful and reliable solution. So, if you’re in search of an exceptional media converter, though it still needs to be improved, VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper still undoubtedly deserves your attention.

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