What Is a Pısıphon and How Does It Work


You might have heard of the pısıphon but be unsure of what it is. Allow us to explain. The pısıphon is a device that creates an air cushion between the water and the boat. This cushion greatly reduces the impact of waves and makes it easier for the boat to move.

The pısıphon was created by Dimitrije Milovanovic, a Serbian inventor, in 1884. Milovanovic was inspired to create the device when he saw a boat being towed through the water by two horses. The horses were swimming next to the boat and pulling it forward with their heads and tails.

Milovanovic realized that if he could create a way to separate the boat from the water, he could make it easier for the horses to tow it. He eventually invented the pısıphon, which worked by using air to create a cushion between the water and the boat.

What Is a Pısıphon?

A pısıphon is a device that creates an air current. This current is then used to clean surfaces such as floors, carpets, and walls.

Pısıphons come in a few different varieties. The most common type is the upright pısıphon. This type has a motor that creates the air current and a handle that allows you to push or pull it across the surface you’re cleaning.

There is also a backpack pısıphon. This type has a motor mounted on a backpack frame. It’s worn like a backpack and allows you to clean surfaces while standing or walking.

The final type of pısıphon is the steam pısıphon. This type creates a steam current that can be used to clean surfaces or to produce hot water for washing dishes or clothes.

How Does the Pısıphon Work?

The pısıphon is a device that utilizes sound waves to clean the surfaces of things. Specifically, it creates micro-vibrations that loosen and remove dirt, dust, and other particles.

This process is called cavitation. When the sound waves hit the surface of the object being cleaned, they cause tiny bubbles to form. These bubbles grow and collapse quickly, creating a suction force that sucks the dirt and debris off the surface.

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