Whoville People You Might Want To Know About

I know that you’re probably more familiar with the characters from the movies, but I think Whoville is a great place to visit. It’s one of my favorite cities in all of literature—and it just so happens that they have a lot of fun things going on there.

Cindy Lou Who

Cindy Lou Who (pronounced [siən di bʌi]) is the youngest of the Who family. She is a child who is the protagonist of the story and whose curiosity leads her to discover the Grinch’s plot to steal Christmas.

Cindy Lou Who is also known as Cindy Lou Bo-Who. She lives in Whoville with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Who, who are both trombonists in their band called The Wickersham Brothers Band (“WBB”). She has an older sister named Katherine or Katie-Lou (“KL”) but KL doesn’t live with her anymore because KL went off on her own adventures when she was 19 years old (this happens in Theodor Seuss Geisel’s book).

The Whos

The Whos are a group of people who live in Whoville. They’re the main characters of the story, and they’re all very happy with their lives and want to be left alone. They love being helpful at all times, so if you need anything from them, just ask!

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