Xiaomi 14 Pro to Inherit Design From its Predecessor 13 Pro — Leaked Renders

Detailed renders of the Xiaomi 14 Pro finally surface, granting us a peek into its exquisite design and groundbreaking features. The leaked images unveil a device that stays true to its lineage, the Xiaomi 13 Pro, at least in terms of the build.

The renderings, courtesy of the renowned leak-star SPinfoJP, offer an astonishingly accurate portrayal of what awaits us. The source was able to predict Xiaomi 13 Ultra’s specs almost flawlessly, which skyrockets the credibility of his latest claim.

The rest panel of the Xiaomi 14 Pro reveals a square camera module housing three lenses, including a periscope telephoto lens at the bottom left corner. While the phone bears minimal changes in appearance towards the back, the front of the 14 Pro undergoes a significant transformation.

As previous render leaks show, the new 5G Xiaomi mobile features narrow bezels with gently curved edges, resulting in a captivating quad-curved display. The subtle 2.5D curvature is limited to the black border area, ensuring optimal display quality.

Rumors suggest that Xiaomi will also offer a flat display variant alongside the curved display for those seeking a more traditional aesthetic. Beneath its sleek exterior, the Xiaomi 14 Pro conceals an exciting package: the highly anticipated Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset.

Set break cover in October, the new Qualcomm powerhouse promises enhanced performance and power efficiency, setting the stage for advanced processing, AI implementation, and gaming improvements.

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